About us

We take pride in being able to reach close to a million readers in the least time possible for a content company, thanks to our readers having adopted our platform as home to the best technology updates and insights.

We have been blessed with some rare talent, the type that makes solutions to each new hurdle in again the quickest turn around time. Because of such, we have never had a day where the services that visitors come online for are not available.

The writing teams themselves are a pleasure to interact with on the works they publish, each on a regimental basis of more than 3 per day. Readers are never out of something new to wow at or do they have to read the same article twice as all the works are clearly masterpieces in their own right.

We feature some of the most talked about technology and include the readers through commenting and discussions directly on the topics they love learning about each day.

Coming into the new age where everyone is in need of the latest news, our core strength remains that of being able to tell the truth around all the news and investigated documentaries.